About us

We’re Abri, a housing association based in the south of England. One of the largest in fact. We've got more than 40,000 homes and assets and 100,000 customers.

We exist to create thriving communities and empower lives. It’s our central mission and one we fully believe in. It’s what drives us.

But what does that really mean?

It means that we’re investing more than £3m in communities to increase employment, improve health and wellbeing and empower people to take the lead where they live. We work with partners to enhance social mobility and provide opportunities and resources in the communities where we work.

And it means building at least 12,500 new homes by 2030. While we do all of this, we’re remaining vigilant about our position as a housing provider tackling climate change. We want our impact to be positive, so we’ve outlined our road to net-zero and are on our way to decarbonising the homes we own.

At the same time, we’re ensuring that the standard of our homes is high because it’s a basic human right to live in a warm, safe, and affordable home.

Our customers come first

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We’re guided by what they tell us they want to see happen in their neighbourhood. And we hear directly from them through a range of initiatives. We’re constantly revitalising the way we communicate with them, putting their voices at the forefront of our delivery. Our priority is to get our service right.

We help to shape government policy

Change is a two-way street. So, we regularly chat with the people who make the big decisions: MPs, councillors, and officials – both national and local. And we’re a vocal bunch, so when a new consultation paper is doing the rounds, we always speak up and get involved in the discussion.

We work with others

We know that working together we achieve more. We have built some great partnerships with organisations that share our values and ambition. These include public and private sector organisations. We lead Wayfarer, supporting other HA’s and LA’s to fulfil their ambitions and reach a greater and more diverse customer base. We know that working in partnership is as much about helping others to achieve, as it is about finding partners to help us achieve.

We’re a Not for Profit

That means we reinvest any money we make straight back into building more homes and helping out in communities.