Our Values

We’ve all got different backgrounds, strengths and experiences. But we share the same values. It’s these shared values that bring us together as one team. Simple really.

Be the difference

We’ve got the power to do some good in the world and we really care about that. It’s our main purpose and it’s what gets us up in the morning. Big responsibility, right? But we also think the small things are important too. Your actions might be the difference between someone having a bad day or a great day. No matter how small our individual acts are, our collective power to make change is huge.

Always curious

Curious people take responsibility for their own development. Always searching for ways to improve both themselves and our organisation. Trying new things, thinking of new ideas and seeking different points of view.

Achieving Together

We might all have different roles, but we’re one team. We’re unstoppable when we work together with our colleagues, our customers and our communities. We appreciate each other’s strengths and know that different people bring different skills to the table.

Own it openly

Honesty is the best policy. We hear and share different ideas. We seek different points of view – from our customers and our colleagues. We believe in trust and respect. Everyone has different experiences, backgrounds and ideas. Sharing these allows us to get the best possible result.

Embrace possibility

We spot opportunities to make things better and we act on them. We embrace change and are empowered to try new things. Whether you’ve been here 5 minutes or 5 years, never be afraid to challenge the status quo.